Valasia is the center of Thantasia geographically, culturally, and politically. It is the largest of the realms. The Empire is on edge over the dying Emperor. He has made no official announcement as to how the Empire will be divided amongst his two sons. One son commands the Royal Knights, the other the Temple Knights. The citizens fear civil war will engulf the land if the Emperor dies.

As far as religion in the realm goes, the people of Valasia worship their Emperor as their god. It is said he has reigned for thousands of years, the fact that he is dying is cause for concern amoung the elderly who remember him being as youthful when they were a child as he was when they were older. The younger generations are losing faith, however. Claiming his long rule is a hoax.

Main Regions

Balasta Hills
Swamp of Witches
Frozen Reaches
Imperial Highlands
Brightsong Mountains
The Timberwood
Slumbering Grove


River of Twin Oaths
Traitors Way
River of Broken Dreams
Gladiator’s Rush
Dream Maiden’s Waterway


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