Yazinden Heights

Yazinden Heights. A snowy, mountainous, and deceptively dangerous realm to the northmost part of the Continent. Even Imperial Airships think twice before going into Yazinden Heights due to a number of things: Inability to gain enough altitude to go over some of the taller mountains here, Extremely strong gusts of wind through the valleys, and the skybeasts that attack airborne vehicles.

That said, the main way into the continent is through one of the river entrances into the Forest of Illusions. An outsider making it to the flying capitol of the Heights is a great enough feat to get the attention of most residents there.

The people of Yazinden Heights are kept in line by a honor bound promise to a timeless oath. Everyone including the leaders of this realm are bound by it. It’s unclear what the oath was exactly, or what the code of honor to uphold may be. So as you can imagine, superstitions are taken very seriously here, fearing they could be old tidbits of wisdom reaching back to yonder years.

The ruling body of Yazinden Heights is a council of wisemen. When an important decision is to be made, the wise men retreat back to their sacred chambers to consult the “powers that be.”


The Dead Coast
Province of the Forgotten Promise
Sky Sanctuary
Titan’s Rest

Mountain Ranges

Snowkiss Peaks
Mithril Mountains
Crags of Creation

Other Features
The Violet Banks
Forest of Illusions

Yazinden Heights

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